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Electrical Engineering

We offer services ranging from consultancy on electrical energy supply, lighting design, switchgear and the design of electrical installations to satisfy wiring regulations. In lighting design, we consider the human visual system, the nature and control of light, photometric units, lighting calculations, interior lighting design and energy efficiency aspects of lighting design systems.

The goal is always to optimize natural lighting to provide an energy efficient system that saves on power costs. The electrical services also cover design and installation of earthing and lightning protection systems.

Power Systems

This involves design and/or specifications of medium voltage switchboards including the specification of rupturing capacity, current transformer type, class and ratios, calculation of fault levels, design of protection systems and the calculation of protection relay settings which will allow for graded co-ordination; medium tension power routes, as well as rural electrification projects.

The service extends to selection, design and/or specification of power standby generators and their associated protection and control systems as well as the design of overhead and underground electrical reticulation systems including sizing of conductor/cables, transformers, diversity, load level as well as voltage drop calculations.

Power System Analysis

This service allows us to conduct all-inclusive studies from:

1. Load flow analysis
2. Calculation of protection relay settings which will allow for graded co-ordination.
3. Fault level analysis
4. Harmonic analysis