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Tel: +26622320188, Address: 1st Floor, Right Wing, CCL Building, Constitution Road, Maseru.

Energy Management

With the current staggering ascent in electricity demand, Energy Management has become a major factor to maintaining a constant and stable supply. We study trends in energy consumption and offer designs and modern technology to optimize power usage, from large corporations to individual residences thus saving them money whilst relieving stress off the grid to stabilize distribution. We also do proposals recommending integration of distributed energy sources to provide clean and cheap power which are an elegant alternative to grid power. Our expertise covers the following:

1.Energy efficiency and demand side management
2.Energy supply and risk management
3.Utility bill audit and refund recovery
4.Utility tariff analysis and rate optimization
5.Alternative energy systems
6.Metering (hot-water, steam, temperature, power, etc.)
7.Data Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, and Life cycle costing
8.Advisory services on appropriate technology replacements
9.Power Factor correction

Measurement And Verification

Measurement and verification is the core of any energy management exercise, this component results in the development of comprehensive energy audit reports as it provides:

1.Verification of energy efficiency measures and;
2.Quantification of energy savings